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  6. lophophorastuff:

    Example of an albino Loph. It’s grafted to Pereskiopsis. Albino cacti have to be grafted or need tissue culture wizardry to survive. Pereskiopsis is regarded as a temporary grafting stock so who knows what became of this one.

  7. growthemedicine:

    Aloe sp. in flower.

  8. djnionas:

    These two pups are exhibiting the wide range of variability of rib numbers. I purchased this clone of Trichocereus bridgesii from Bouncing Bear.

  9. djnionas:


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  10. djnionas:

    Lil peyote painting

  11. djnionas:

    Progress of the La popa lophophora graft on T. peruvianus. It looks like its starting to go monstrose in the center!


  12. djnionas:

    Mammilaria occidentalis

  13. djnionas:

    Lophophora graft onto T. Pachanoi

  14. libutron:

    Proustite | ©Giazotto Mineral Collection

    Shaft 207, Schneeberg, Sassonia, Germany.

  15. magictransistor:

    Zdislav Beksinski. Untitled. 1956.